Capitalism is over is an exhibition by Raumplan and Cascina Cuccagna for Milan Design Week 2017, 1-9 April 2017

Foam Structures -an industrial material beyond the usual application

Sanne Schuurman

I - MAX 200 Foam tubes, an industrial material beyond the usual application, are given form with colorful connecting parts. They can easily transition into a multitude of interi- or solutions such as dividers and sound-absorbing wallcoverings. II - MIN 300 - MAX 600 Structure and construction are equally important in the works of Sanne Schuur- man, who’s interests lie in the possibilities of industrial materials beyond their usual applications. In her latest experiments, foam tubing – commonly used to insulate pipes or cushion cribs – is her material of choice. The polyester sleeves are given form with colourful connecting parts for a combination which emanates a presen- ce of playfulness. The graphic compositions can easily transition into a multitude of interior solutions such as room dividers, carpets and sound-absorbing wallcove- rings. III - BIO SANNE SCHUURMAN Sanne Schuurman (1989) was born in Fredsberg, Sweden, and grew up in The Netherlands. During her graduation at the Design Academy Eindhoven (cum laude) she founded her Eindhoven based studio. Her work has always revolved around a need to play with materials and color to be able to show the essence of a material or technique. To be able to make new improvements in the world of today Schuur- man believes in a playful and experimental way of working. She challenges known applications of materials, crafts and techniques in order to nd new ways of impro- ving our everyday surroundings. “ I think with my hands and rely on my intuition. “ In 2016 she founded, together with Simone Post, the Dutch design collective Envisions. Envisions showcases everything but the end product, the work aims to o er new insights to di erent phases that would normally never be seen by the public’s eye. The setup is intended to trigger a dialogue between designers, clients and manufacturers, who are encouraged to approach each project as a collabora- tor. By crowdsourcing ideas, Envisions allows for unexpected developments in the making process and ultimately gives rise to new-found joint ventures.