Capitalism is over is an exhibition by Raumplan and Cascina Cuccagna for Milan Design Week 2017, 1-9 April 2017


Parasite2.0 + Nicolò Ornaghi + Delfino Sisto Legnani

“Capital not only exploits labor, it appropriates nature, and it has probably run out of nature it can get on the cheap.” McKenzie Wark, “The Capitalocene. On Jason Moore.”

The term Anthropocene appeared within the scientific discourse in 2008. From then on we saw many critical revisions – from Chthulucene to Capitalocene, through which it’s defined and witnessed the definitive impact of capital economy on planet earth. Starting from this considerations we can see today a shift of attention towards new types and ways of production, towards new approaches to product and service design. The project Artĭfĭcĭum fits critically into the theme proposed by Capitalism is Over selecting and proposing a series of designers who, through theyr own practices, register in a direct or indirect way, the constant impact of Capital on human action and on our habitat. Through the distruction of the limit between natural and artificial, through questioning the concept of civilization by underlying the artificial character of human action, the collected projects express the needs to rethink the process of design production and distribution, and, broadly speaking, the overall capacity of Capital economy to rebuild itself in new shapes and new forms.

The exhibition features works by Maddalena Selvini, Sara Ricciardi (Quid), Studio Ossidiana (Petrified fragments), Andrea De Chirico (Superlocal), Jorge Penadés (Détournement) and is curated by Parasite 2.0, Nicolò Ornaghi and Delfino Sisto Legnani. Exhibition design by Parasite 2.0.