Capitalism is over is an exhibition by Raumplan and Cascina Cuccagna for Milan Design Week 2017, 1-9 April 2017

Vinyl Conduit Containers/Reclaim Mirrors/Resin Sunglasses

Studio Ultralite

The show is very partial to me because my training in industrial design taught me about how standard, common, practices of manufacturing where possible and what made sense. They said that you needed to know how to do this, to achieve that. They said that this was the way to make a good living, great money, and make things ton of people would enjoy. All of that might of been true to some degree, or maybe true in a world that predated me being in school. Years after I graduated, I realized the importance of your own hand, and the the appreciation of the unique, versus the mass quantity. The show is a nod to the chunk of marble that is pre-recession design; it’s a way to show and exhibit a new way to making anything you want, just by having enough boldness to do so. A great example of this is my vinyl bowls. I initially started out trying to do it by simply wrap- ping the cord around something, but realized I never had the right tension, the right length, etc. Being in numerous ceramic studios allowed me access to a wheel, which would give me the right momentum. I started looking at how a sewing machine dealt with tension, and modeled that process by wrapping cords around cinder- blocks and chairs, posts, anything that would allow me personal control over the material. Then, it happened, I made one. Then five. Then I realized I had a line of things, made exclusive by my own technique. This show is an outlet for me to allow other people how I think, and what I think design can be. Trails and tribulations. Studies. Small batches that certain groups can enjoy. It is a way to utilize my studies, and post graduate experience, with a new ideology that is much more meaningful than trying to maximize a profit margin or become a ghost of something I initially made.